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handmade, always.

Our candles are hand-poured. Each one, every time. You can trust that there's a little love in each one of our candles as they're made from our own hands.

About Our Leather
Candle in Hands

coconut-soy wax & wooden wicks, 

There are lots of ways to make candles these days and even more options for ingredients. We've found that the best candles - ours - are made with love, coconut and soy, so we're sticking with it. The coconut-soy wax we pour keeps a stronger fragrance and the wooden wick burns a longer flame.

good scents, always.

In our own homes, scents are a powerful thing. They can bring peace, joy, comfort, ease and lots of other things. It's our promise to only sell what smells good and what people will love and be comforted by. 

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