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who we are

           Nettie's Candle Co is more than just a candle company. It's a legacy. It represents the love and connection between mother and daughter. It's our way of sharing the love passed down from our matriarch, Nettie- a fearless woman who could cook, make you laugh, and even scold you all in the same breath- and for whom our company is named. It's a love we share with one another to this day. 

           We created Nettie's Candle Company in memory of our mother/grandmother. She was a beautiful, giving, and loving person who enjoyed teaching preschoolers, cooking, and baking for family and friends, sewing costumes for Christmas pageants and most of all taking care of her family. Shortly, after losing her husband of many years she began exhibiting signs of memory loss and other symptoms of Alzheimer's.  Day after day the memories of teaching, cooking, and baking for family and friends were no longer. The most heart breaking was when her remembrance of her daughters, son in-laws and grandchildren were gone. So, for the love we have for her we want to make wonderful smelling candles and also bring awareness to Alzheimer's.

We hope that our candles give you the same sense of joy and comfort that we experience as we create them.

With Love & Good Scents,

Julie & Jaylin Truesdale

A portion of the proceeds from each candle goes to benefit the research dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease, something our family hopes to help find one day.

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We're a mother-daughter duo and there are two things that are true about us. (1) We know how to have a good time and embrace the best moments in life and (2) we really enjoy making candles. 

What makes our candles unique is that we trust and (usually) enjoy the process. We have different taste in our scents,so it makes it fun picking out the perfect scents for our candles. We embrace the journey. 

Daughter, Jaylin (left) and Mother, Julie (right)

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